Firm Resume

Law Office of James E. Simmons' primary focus is civil litigation, representing individuals and businesses, large and small, involved in personal injury and/or business litigation. Mr. Simmons is a solo practitioner and is available to represent clients on behalf of insurance companies, self-insured clients, as well as individuals. His fields of practice include, but are not limited to toxic mold litigation, products liability litigation, Personal and commercial automobile litigation, premises liability litigation, environmental litigation, structural defects litigation, insurance litigation, ("bad faith" cases and coverage opinions), commercial litigation (law suits between businesses), employment litigation (wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and non-subscriber cases), anti-trust litigation, intellectual property litigation (copyright, patent, and trademark infringement cases), subrogation, providing legal opinions, and monitoring lawsuits on behalf of primary andor excess carriers. Mr. Simmons also handles plaintiff cases on a case by case basis including premises liability cases, auto and truck accidents, and medical malpractice cases.